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How The Plan Works


What if I earned 800 points in 2021 but waive medical coverage in 2022?
Can I still get the $375 in my HSA?

No. You must be enrolled in the Hess Medical Plan and have an active HSA in order to receive the HSA contribution.

Is the HSA contribution I receive for earning 800 POWER UP points in addition to the annual contribution Hess makes to my HSA?

Yes. The $375 HSA contribution you’ll receive from Hess in 2022 for reaching 800 points is in addition to the contribution Hess makes to your account each year. And, if your spouse or domestic partner is enrolled in the Hess Medical Plan and earns 400 POWER UP points, you will receive an additional $375 HSA contribution for a total of $750 from Hess.

What’s the deadline to reach 800 points for me and 400 points for my spouse or domestic partner?

The deadline for earning enough POWER UP points to qualify for the additional HSA contribution from Hess in 2022 is August 31, 2021.

How do I complete my biometric screening?

You have the option to have a biometric screening done onsite (if offered at your office location), through your doctor or at a Patient Service Center.  A biometric screening provides you with a snapshot of your current health, including measurements for cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and body mass index (BMI). Complete your biometric screening and you’ll earn 200 points. On the home page, under the Programs section, click “Quest Diagnostic Biometric Screening” and follow the instructions to schedule your screening. Be sure to upload any necessary forms to the portal by the July 31 deadline.

What is a health assessment?

A health assessment examines lifestyle habits through a series of questions about your health, activity and nutrition. It can show you areas that may be holding you back from achieving your wellness goals. You’ll earn 200 points when you complete your health assessment at or on the Virgin Pulse app. You can also complete a health assessment by calling Virgin Pulse at 1-888-671-9395.

How The Plan Works

This website provides highlights of the Hess Corporation benefits plans and programs for 2021. If there is any discrepancy between the information provided on this website and the official plan documents, the official plan documents will govern. Hess reserves the right to amend or terminate the plans at its discretion at any time.