POWER UP offers several programs and resources to help you and your spouse or domestic partner live your best life. Here are just a few.

Foodsmart by Zipongo

Make healthier food choices to help prevent and treat chronic diseases through this digital nutrition program. The program makes eating healthfully easier by helping you plan meals and order groceries and meal kits online. It even shows you healthy food deals in your neighborhood.

The EX Program

Quit tobacco for good whether you smoke, vape or chew. This digital tobacco cessation program, powered by Mayo Clinic and Truth Initiative, provides support and tools to build a personalized quit plan.


Get on-demand fitness, mindfulness and nutrition classes no matter your fitness level. This app offers more than 700 classes, available anywhere, anytime. You’re sure to find something to empower your physical and mental health.


Watch videos to help you reduce stress, increase focus and build resilience. Simple audio exercises train your brain to relax and help you calm anxiety, focus your attention and improve your sleep.

Find more helpful resources by viewing the POWER UP Program Guide.


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