You’ve worked hard and made a significant contribution to making Hess a special company. And now you’re thinking about retiring. Hess provides the information, tools and resources to help you make a smooth transition to retirement when you’re ready. Here’s a quick look at the eight steps to retirement.

  1. Start Planning
    You’ll want to start planning at least six months in advance of the day you wish to retire.
  2. Share Your Plan
    At least three months before your retirement date, share your plan with your manager, your HR representative and the Hess Benefits Center.
  3. Request Your Benefit Commencement Package
    You’ll need to complete some paperwork to start the retirement process.
  4. Continue Your Medical Coverage
    Understand your options for medical and dental coverage in retirement.
  5. Consider Applying for Social Security
    You can begin receiving your full Social Security benefits at age 65, 66 or 67, or opt for a reduced benefit as early as age 62.
  6. Sign Up for Medicare
    You may want to sign up to receive Medicare beginning at age 65.
  7. Understand How Your Benefits Change
    Be sure you get the full picture well in advance.
  8. Decide When to Receive Your Savings Plan Balance
    You can request a lump-sum payment from your Savings Plan account right away, move your money to another account or leave it in the account until age 70½ (when minimum distributions must begin).

For more information, review Making the Transition to Retirement.

This website provides highlights of the Hess Corporation benefits plans and programs for 2023. If there is any discrepancy between the information provided on this website and the official plan documents, the official plan documents will govern. Hess reserves the right to amend or terminate the plans at its discretion at any time.