Retiree Medical

The Hess Retiree Medical Plan is the same as the Hess Medical Plan for active employees, except vision coverage is not included.

How The Plan Works


You are eligible if you have at least 10 years of service and are between age 55 and 65 when you retire from the company. You will no longer be eligible for Retiree Medical coverage once you become eligible for Medicare when:

  • You reach age 65
  • or

  • You become totally disabled at an earlier age

If you are eligible and want to enroll in the Retiree Medical Plan when you leave Hess, call the Hess Benefits Center at Empyrean at 1-877-511-4377, Option 1.

Who You Can Cover

If you currently are or previously were enrolled in the Retiree Medical Plan, you can cover your spouse or domestic partner under age 65 and your dependent children through the end of the calendar year of their 26th birthday (who are not eligible for Medicare due to disability) under the Retiree Medical Plan.

How to Pay

You will be billed directly each month for the cost of Retiree Medical coverage.

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