Future Moms

Get personalized support and guidance through all stages of pregnancy and delivery, at no cost to you.

How It Works

Future Moms is an Anthem program included in the Hess Medical Plan. It offers a guided course of care and treatment leading to overall healthier outcomes for mothers and their newborns. Focusing on early prenatal interventions, risk assessments and education, the program offers 24/7 phone access to a nurse coach, helpful books, useful tools to track your pregnancy and so much more.

There is no cost to enroll in this program if you are enrolled in the Hess Medical Plan. Call Anthem today at 1-800-828-5891 to enroll in Future Moms.



Hess provides generous paid time off for maternity and child bonding — up to 16 weeks. Plus, you receive full pay during the period of approved family leave.

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